Our showroom had a customer today who was looking at our kitchen faucets and paled a little when we told him the faucet he was looking at was going to be $275.  He said doesn’t pay half that at the big box and that we were over-priced.  I asked him how many times he’d already replaced his kitchen faucet and he replied “twice and I’ll be picking up another this weekend”.  So, assuming that he’d paid $100 for a faucet and was currently going to buy his third, that’s a total of $300 over the past few years for a new faucet.  Not to mention the cost for a plumber to come out and replace these fixtures.

If he had purchased the faucet from us for $275, he would still be enjoying a quality faucet that is still in fine working condition and he would have saved money already.

The initial cost outlay may be a bit more initially but when looking at cost per use and then figuring the labor costs for the plumber to install each new faucet, a homeowner comes out way ahead in the game when installing professional grade fixtures in the beginning.